Killer Foods Keep Health Experts Worried


3. Microwave Popcorn
Popcorn is the most popular “movie food” these days, and how many of us make a bag of delicious microwave popcorn before a good movie? Convenient as it might be, microwave popcorn contains chemicals that can affect your fertility and can increase the risk for liver and pancreatic cancer. The popcorn itself is not as dangerous as the bag linings, which are considered to be carcinogenic.

4. Refined Sugars 15516790_s
You should avoid refined sugars at all costs, not only when you are on a diet, and for a good reasons: if you consume refined sugar, the insulin levels will sky-rocket right away. Many people tend to replace the classic sugar (which is just as harmful) with artificial sweeteners, usually sweeteners rich in fructose. Avoid processed cakes, pies, cookies and cereals, as they contain high amounts of refined sugar and increase the risk for cancer.



5. Hydrogenated Oils
Hydrogenated oils are widely used when cooking and preserving the semi-baked goods you can find at your local supermarket. Do you think a bag of fresh muffins would last for months on the shelf of the store? This is where the hydrogenated oils step in and prolong the shelf life of the products: it is all about selling the product, making it as marketable as possible. However, these oils interfere with the structure of the food cells, altering them in such a way that they can trigger cancer. Trans fats also wreak havoc on your health, this is why you should steer clear from processed goods. In the end, better be safe than sorry!