Killer Foods Keep Health Experts Worried


6. Diet Beverages
A common misconception these days is that diet beverages are less harmful than traditional beverages: this is why many people order a big fast food menu and a diet coke along with it, because “they do not want to get fat”. However, diet beverages can be worse than the classic ones, as they contain artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or saccharin, which are linked to several types of cancer and can increase the risk for birth defects as well.


7. Canned Fruits And Vegetables
Although the fruits and vegetables themselves are not dangerous, it is the container that actually makes them dangerous. Given the fact that many products are canned in plastic or metal containers, they may contain BPA (acronym that stands for bisphenol-A), a compound that can trigger infertility and increase the risk for heart disease and cancer. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used for manufacturing resins and plastic in the US for the past 50 years. Polycarbonate plastic is used to make containers that store beverages and food, but they are widely used for making other consumer goods as well. Epoxy resins, on the other hand, are used to coat metal cans and bottle tops: this is why you need to avoid canned fruits and vegetables, especially canned tomatoes which are known for their high acidity levels.

8. Fruits Contaminated With Pesticides 16108262_s
Pesticides are widely used to keep unwanted pests away, but little do we know that if we consume fruits and vegetables without washing them first, we actually expose ourselves to a high risk of developing cancer, at a certain point in our lives. Out of all the fruits and veggies you can find at the local grocery store, apples are the most likely ones to be contaminated with pesticides (along with potatoes and grapes). Pesticides are extremely toxic, and besides the fact that they may cause cancer, they can also lower the IQ amongst children, if they start ingesting pesticides at a very young age.