Killer Foods Keep Health Experts Worried


9. Processed Meats
Nowadays, it is difficult to find natural, fresh meat products, as most of them are processed and contain chemical preservatives. The purpose of these preservatives is to make them look and feel fresh for longer, but do you know that sodium nitrate and nitrite (the most commonly used chemical preservatives for meats) can increase the risk for colon cancer? This is why it is recommended to opt for meat that comes directly from grass-fed animals.


10. Refined Flours 6475976_s
Refined flour is widely used for making processed foods, but it contains high amounts of refined carbohydrates, which are known to increase the risk for breast cancer in women. If you want to bake your own cakes and bread at home, then opt for whole wheat flour or almond flour: these types are not only healthier than refined flours, but they are also more nutritious as well.
These are the top 10 processed foods you need to avoid at all costs, if you care about your health and the health of your family.