Stay Healthy by Eating: 10 Foods that will Keep you Healthy

9. Wine

Everybody knows that a glass of red wine per day is essential for your overall health. However, the secret is to drink moderately and responsibly: if you stick to this thumb rule, you can actually live longer and lower the risk for heart disease and diabetes. However, different types of wine have different concentrations of resveratrol (the compound that gives wine its health benefits).

10. Kidney Beans

Last, but not least, if you suffer from hypertension or mineral deficiency, you should certainly introduce kidney beans in your diet. Just like the foods mentioned above, kidney beans are also high in fiber, protein and iron and they fight off heart disease.

To sum it all up, these are only 10 of the superfoods you need to consume regularly if you want to stay healthy and to prevent potentially fatal diseases. The secret is to focus mainly on foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants, and to make sure that the foods you consume are non GMO and pesticides free. Antioxidants help your body prevent the negative effects of free radical and pollution. Free radicals are known to cause cancer and to speed up the aging process, but by consuming foods rich in antioxidants you can dramatically slow down the risks. Besides this, consuming healthy foods will make you shine, both on the inside and on the outside!