Top 8 Foods That Increase Your Metabolism

fish for metabolism

Foods that help increase metabolism

Taking certain types of foods can help boot metabolism. When taking these foods to constitute your low fat diet together with a regular workout routine, they may help you achieve you weigh loss objectives

• Fish

Fish is not just a good source of lean protein, it is also packed with vitamin B that helps convert food into energy. Other meats like pork and chicken are ideal choices but omega-3 abundance makes fish very healthy. Omega-3 boosts fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

• Avocado

Although rich in calories, avocados are a good source of L-carnitine. This amino acid plays a major role in metabolism of fats. Research has also proved that avocado encourage weight loss, regulate sugar levels and enhance cardiovascular health when taken in moderation. They are high in omega-3s and other vital anti inflammatory nutrients.

• Cacao

Recently hailed among the healthiest foods in the world, cacao is high in minerals and vitamins and is shown to suppress appetite, promote circulation of blood and stimulate enzymes. It is rich in magnesium which facilitates more than three hundred biochemical reactions including metabolism.

• Spices

Hot peppers such as habanero, cayenne and jalapeno are well known metabolism boosters. These are not the only spices others include black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and cumin they all have the same effects. Whereas black pepper, ginger and chili peppers raise body temperatures and promote calorie burn. Cinnamon allows your metabolism to work efficiently by enhancing circulation and insulin sensitivity hence helps you metabolize fats.

• Grapefruit

Sweet and tangy grapefruit may aid with insulin control, enhance HDL levels and weight loss. Research showed that people who ate grapefruit increased cholesterol levels and lost weight significantly. Reduced insulin levels after having meals can help the body process food efficiently and quickly. This implies that you burn surplus calories and store less fats by taking a grapefruit.

• Oatmeal

If you’re thinking of jump starting your metabolism, begin your morning with a plate of oatmeal. This food is packed with fat soluble fiber that requires more calories to disintegrate. Taking oatmeal can help reduce your cholesterol levels and heart diseases.

• Broccoli

Broccoli is high in both vitamin C and calcium. These vitamins work concurrently to aid in burning calories effectively and faster. Calcium activates metabolic rate and vitamin C helps in calcium absorption.

• Low fat yoghurt

This is among the perfect foods to take when you are striving to boost metabolic rate and lose weight. Yogurt is packed with proteins and calcium. It promotes the building of lean muscles and is a great energy booster. However, always check the label for sugar content “fat free” does not mean it’s “sugar free”.

Remember, a great way of shedding extra pounds is combining a healthy diet with frequent exercise. Nevertheless, integrating these metabolism boosting meals into a nutrient packed diet, will boost your weight loss objectives and help you maintain good health.